getting started with sewing your own clothes – my tips

I get a LOT of people asking me about my tips for starting to sew your own clothes so I figured I should write them all down for you. I’ve been sewing for a number of years now and I’ve had my fair share of mistakes I have to say! Accessories are a great way of starting, especially if you’ve never used a sewing machine before.  Try head bands, scarves or maybe even some fabric belts? choose simple and classic designs.  Emphasis on the simple! Always stick to easy to work with fabrics – cotton is always good. Don’t feel like you can’t use cheap fabrics – they are great for when you’re building your confidence. When you’ve got some projects that you’re happy with then try to experiment with more quality fabrics – it makes such a difference! When it comes to style – take your time and consider what you like and dislike.  Think about what colors suit you and don’t be afraid to try things. Use a dress form if you can – it helps you really see how the piece is hanging. Get a really good sewing machine, but nothing overly complicated.  If you’re a beginner then there’s a good guide to the best beginner sewing machines here. Get inspiration from other sewing blogs, Pinterest and from fashion magazines like Vogue.  Creating your own clothes from on point, inspiring icons is what will distinguish you from others! Speaking of Pinterest – it’s great for curating your ideas about fashions you like, colours and fabrics. Get help – there’s no substitute for finding like minded people to ask for help.  Whether you need technical help with working the machine, help deciding which pattern to go for or help fixing a mistake these people are a lifeline! Find sewing cafes, groups or just a FB group for locals.  You might make some great friends. Anything I’ve missed?